A hero for your car

Becoming a WaHero means that you got a huge responsibilities to handle others vehicle as your own properties. We need people with high integrity as well as sociably easy to approach person to tackle every task & request from customer.

The sacred duties of WaHero

Vehicle Wash & Detailing

Keeping your customer car clean and always look like new.


Handle your customer car performance to be as good as it can be.

Vehicle Pick-up & Chauffeur

Drive your customer car to certain people or location, anywhere in Malaysia.

Vehicle Return & Drop-of

Bring back your customer car to their doorstep from anywhere in Malaysia.

Requirements to become WaHero

Must have a working smartphone (iOS or Android) coupled with active data plan
Must be 21 years old and above
Must have a valid driving license with at least 2 years of driving experience

WaHero ability & value

Work in your own time

Accept and fulfill the job whenever you want it. No minimum quota required.

Meet new people & create connection

Get to know new people and explore new possibilities.

Opportunity to gain extra income

Whether it’s for your free time or looking for extra money

Retain a good rating

Accept and deliver the job without any problem and gain a good rating for more opportunity in the future.

Become our WaHero and earn money

Register for free.
Get familiar with the system and start managing your job.
Begin accepting job and start earning money.